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Factor Support Network has teamed up with LA Kelley Communications, Inc. – Laurie Kelley, author and mother of a child with hemophilia, and Shannon Bush, also a mother with a child with severe hemophilia B, to create an introduction to hemophilia for a young child. As it is often a shock to parents to have a child with a bleeding disorder, it is also for their child. These books, written by a mom, are aimed to help familiarize children with hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease, with terms they will hear for the rest of their lives in a positive and comfortable manner.

Introducing the world’s first toddler books for children with hemophilia. Ages 18 months–4 years.

My First Factor Words
My First Factor Words
One word concepts about family and hemophilia.
My First Infusions
My First Factor: Infusions
What are the steps in an infusion? A first look for toddlers.
My first Factor: HTC
My First Factor: HTC
Who does a toddler meet at the HTC?

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If you prefer to call us about the books please contact Becky Bouchet at 877-FSN-4-YOU / 877-376-4968.